David Zanzinger Fine Art Stock Photography

About David Zanzinger Fine Art Stock Photography


“Compelling Content for the New Advertising”

Unique and interesting digital images of  neighborhoods, events, landmarks, monuments, tourist attractions be it Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach or elsewhere......

Major subjects of a city include:

1. Location view from high ground or aerial
2. Identifying landmark
3. Sunrise or sunset skyline or night time of city lights
4. Graphic color composition represenative of location
5. Features that make visitors or tourists enjoy that spot
6. Notable building interiors and exteriors

Please contact me if you don't see it here I will get it for you.

David Zanzinger is a professional commercial and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, California. You don't just buy from a company you buy from the person who represents the company. "What David Zanzinger Makes ... Makes David Zanzinger"

Contact me directly about purchasing limited edition, signed and numbered prints. My fine art photographs have been featured in publications as well as residential and corporate installations.

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